Break Free From These Chains

(Independent AU RP blog / Will RP with anyone, even OCs/ Crossovers welcome)
Freed from that inanimate form that I originally once was.
Once chained down. My only freedom being granted to me when Cloud would ride me over the roads.
But even then my freedom was limited to his decisions. His directions. Now I am free to do as I please, roam about without someone telling me how fast to go or where to turn. My name is Fenrir, and I belong to Cloud Strife.
He still uses me as his main option of transportation for his deliveries, but I am my own being with my own conscience now. Feel free to stop by and speak with me. I won't bite... as long as Cloud remembered to feed me that day *licks chops*

*She couldn’t help but to smirk at Zack’s surprise to her talking*  *pearly fangs peek over her bottom lip as she continued to speak*  I’m sure you are aware of those… magical gray-faces.  One decided to transform Cloud’s motorcycle, Fenrir, into the actual living wolf.  So here I stand before you as such.  However I’m rather bored…  Master won’t let me into his home because I ate the couch and sleeping in the garage is unappealing to me when I have my own four feet to roam about.  Would you mind my keeping you company for a short while?